The Muslim Chaplain Services of Virginia (MCSVA) is a faith-based non-profit organization.
Our mission is to serve humanity by sharing our time, wealth, and knowledge with the incarcerated men & women, and upon their release help them in their transition, and if needed, facilitate with their children and families for a smooth transition to an independent life.

MCSVA services include inmate education, training, transitional housing, and community collaboration to help inmates, male & female, to achieve their independence and improve relationship with their family & children.
Prison Outreach Program
Prison Visits
Inmate Education
Inmate Faith Needs
Hijrah House Project
Transitional Housing for Inmates
Inmate Education & Faith Needs
Job Training
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Some Facts:
In year 2000 Virginians paid $25,000 per inmate to keep the inmates in the prisons. According to a study conducted by Virginia Department of Corrections, 27% of the inmates will return to the prison within 2 years of their release. By keeping just one individual out of prison, the society will save $25,000 per year.
The inmates with support from their families or the society are less likely to return to prison and be a burden on the society.
The best way to transform an inmate is to meet his/her faith needs. While meeting the faith needs of the inmates, faith-based charities help bring peace and tranquility in the operation of the prison system.
Muslim Chaplain Services of Virginia (MCSVA), a faith-based 501 (C) (3) non-Profit organization.
MCSVA is dedicated to meeting the faith needs of incarcerated Muslims and upon their release help them transition to free society.

MUSLIM CHAPLAIN SERVICES of VIRGINIA • P.O. Box 13019 • Richmond, Virginia 23225